Is there really an Aunt B? Or is Aunt B just a business name?

I'm Brenda Wolfe, and to my nieces and nephews I am known as Aunt B, so when I needed to pick a name for my small craft business Aunt B's Simply Homemade came naturally. 

I've been a craft person all my life. I've tinkered in many different crafts including but not limited to wood, tole painting, ceramics, fabrics, candy, stitching and more. For the past couple years I've been knee deep in soap making. There is so much to learn about soap making. Base oils, superfats, essential oils, fragrance oils. And then there's all the benefits of the individual oils and how they nourish and cleanse. It's fascinating. I hope you have the opportunity to enjoy some homemade soap whether it is from Aunt B's or one of the many soap makers that are out there in many of your areas flea markets and farmers markets.

A little of my background. I am married to Ralph, and we have two wonderful daughters Britney and Stephanie. I've been blessed to be a stay at home --homeschool mom. Being a homeschool mom has been a fun and amazing journey. Actually Aunt B's business has been a tremendous teaching tool as the girls have been involved in this adventure every step of the way. As you move through Aunt B's shop you will see items made from the hands of both Britney and Stephanie. Getting the girls involved in crafting has been an on going process since they were very young.

Another very important part of the life of my family is our faith in God. Both Ralph and I grew up in families strong in faith and we have naturally continued that legacy with our family. We are apart of a good solid Bible preaching church that nurtures our faith and enables our spiritual growth.

So, that's who Aunt B is in a nutshell. Enjoy our site and if you are able to... try some of our home made soap. We make our soap here at home in small batches. It really is much better for you then the chemically based store bought soap.

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  1. Brenda,

    I was wondering if you have completely scent free soap again this year? Please contact me at